and Electrical Engineering

- Communication towers
- Generators and Batteries
- Communication equipments

Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering Section


We provide complete managed turnkey solutions in the telecommunication field. This begins with the network planning where we provide coverage (2G and 3G), transmission (Microwave and Fiber) and civil works planning. Here we offer preliminary designs, multi-skilled survey and actual design after survey. This includes site acquisition.

Telecommunication & Electrical Engineering Division of our company is committed to structural design implementation and maintainance of telecommunication equipment such as boosters.

We have Telecommunication and Electrical Engineers responsible for provision of end to end solution in the telecommunication field ranging from planning, implementation, optimization and maintenance. In order to achieve high network availability and quality coverage, we support our clients by providing timely and high class service.
Our Electrical Engineering division is also tasked with electrical engineering solutions such as lighting and distribution in various sectors. This department also covers mechanics of generators and telecommunication powering systems backups.
These scope range from design, delivering relevant authorization documents and acquiring relevant sites. Lighting includes residential, office blocks, hotel areas, other building, and street lighting among other.

Site Roll Out/ Construction | Site Installation


With the support of our civil work section, this division is able to carry out complete site roll out where construction of site is done and followed by complete site installation including microwave networks including:

This includes Mobile Routers able to support Virtual private network, telecommunication accessories, Main Distribution Frame (MDF), connectors e.g GSM Antennas & Antenna mounts and coaxial cables etc, Telecommunication shelters, Air-conditioning systems including controllers, Complete site electrical reticulation for BTS sites, Environmental alarms Site monitoring solutions, Powers availability solutions for example; Automatic closure solution.

Green Power Solutions


We also supply and deliver Green power solutions

Site Maintenance


We provide complete maintenance services for telecommunication sites -Base Station Transceiver Site (BTS). We provide planned maintenance and corrective (Event) maintenance to ensure system serviceability is guaranteed. This is operationalized by adhering to maintenance schedules with required quality control check list in every activity meeting specific Key Performance Indicators. This ensures that the network operate within standards and improved network availability for our customers. Our maintenance scope of work includes:

One of the biggest challenges for the mobile industry is provision of reliable and efficient electrical power. HSL endeavors to provide maximum uptime for telecommunication sites by attending to all power and electrical requirements on site.