Process Outsourcing(BPO)

We specialize in providing
Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)
to businesses and organization

Business Process Outsourcing Section

This section of our company, was originally formed to provide Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) to businesses and Organizations. The objectives of this department are to provide clients with world-class Project Management standards and reliable logistical services. A summary of the divisions are as below. Each BPO, Project Management and Logistics may also be procured from us singularly or holistically depending on customer needs. With these products we are able to serve clients both in the technical field and non-technical. This department will therefore satisfy any client so long us they are in need of Project Management or Logistical services:

Project Management Division


Project management division is responsible for handling all business process outsourced services up to and including initiation, planning, implementation monitoring, control and closure of clients project.
This occurs in in various models depending on the customer requirements and nature of outsourced business. We provide end to end project management services to ensure the clients projects are delivered to them in good quality standards, within time scheduled and budget.
Whilst we have our standard operating project management procedures, we prefer to tailor make them to fit the customer needs and operation processes.

Project Management

supply chain

HSL has specialist consultants in the art and science of estimating and controlling the cost, schedule and performance aspects of capital projects. We provide our clients with high quality project control services using the best available tools, to ensure that their projects are successful by meeting set goals and targets. This is achieved by our direct involvement in projects on a frequent basis and our training client personnel in project control disciplines. HSL provides a comprehensive range of project management and project control services to assist companies in completing their projects on time and within budget including: :

Supply Chain and Logistics Division

supply chain

The second division in our BPO department is Supply Chain and Logistics Division. This has proved to excel most in South Sudan and Congo B, and also most vital factor in this area for efficient and effective project delivery. Considering the logistical challenges in South Sudan and Congo B countries, HSL has realized that the success of any project in such harsh countries is hugely influenced by the execution of the project logistical needs. As such, we have set up a team to spear-head the logistics both as a support to other divisions in HSL and also as separate business Unit.

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